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Best Board Game Table Size

best board game table size

Best Board Game Table Size for the Room

  1. Table length and width
  2. Table height
  3. Room size to table size

Let’s face it: board games are a fun pastime for people of all ages. Whether you’re an adult or a child, there’s something magical about gathering around a board game table with friends to play some nice board games. But what if you want to take that experience to the next level? You can do so by letting us build a Genius custom board game table. Even better yet: You can design it yourself! That’s right—no need to hire a specialist. Instead just follow this helpful guide on what is the best board game table size, so that it fits perfectly into your living room, gaming man cave or basement.

Determine game table dimensions

The length of your board game table is determined by the number of players. This is important because each player needs adequate space for their tokens, cards, dice, meeples and other play pieces. If you’re playing with 2 or 3 people, then a small coffee table will do just fine; however if you have 4 or more players sitting around one table then you need something larger.

The next step is to determine the width of your table. The ideal playing surface for board and card games is between 90cm and 110 cm wide. A 90cm width gives the most convenient reach, while a 110m will give you space to spread out all your game components. However, if you are one of those people who like things just right (and not too big or small), then 100cm should be perfect! If you enjoy big role playing games or wargames then a 120cm width is the ideal size for that.
If you want to play big games with 6 people you need about 180cm in length or about 150 with a width of 110cm. A rule of thump to apply here is to take about 60cm per person (including corners).

Determine the gaming table height

First and foremost, you need to figure out the height of your table. It’s easy! Just measure from the floor to the table surface. You’ll probably want this number to be somewhere around 79 to 85 cm so that even tall people can easily stand up from their seats without bumping their knees on the table. The table is of course loaded with a big arena which makes the table a bit bigger then your standard dining table. But don’t go above 85cm if the seats don’t match. You typically want to rest your arms on the side of the table.

Now that we’ve determined how high your board game table should be, let’s talk about chair arm rests. If you got these on your chairs you want them to fit under the table. Or it will be difficult for your friends to reach across the center of the table while playing a game of Arkham Horror or Gloomhaven. This could lead to some uncomfortable moments, especially when you need to play for a couple of hours.

Room size in relation to the gaming table

Knowing how to figure out the dimensions of your custom game table will help you design an amazing game room. Depending on how many people will be playing at the table and how large your gaming cave is. There are certain measurements that will determine if it’s right for everyone playing in comfort and ease. The room needs to support the table perfectly to get maximum enjoyment out of it.

But they also need about 70cm next to the table to sit down and get up from the table. If you plan on incorporating other games into your game room, then you might want to consider longer or shorter tables so that they can be used for different things.

Best Size Table for Board Games

In conclusion, determining the best size table for your board games is a crucial consideration to ensure optimal gaming experiences. By taking into account the number of players, the size of the games and the available space, you can make an informed decision. Remember to prioritize functionality, comfort, and the ability to accommodate future gaming expansions. Whether you opt for a smaller table for intimate gatherings or a larger one, finding the perfect board game table dimensions will enhance your enjoyment. So, measure your space, evaluate your gaming needs, and embark on the journey to find the best board game table that will elevate your gaming sessions to new heights of excitement and immersion.

Now that you know how to figure out the size of your custom game table, you’re ready to get started on designing an Genius board game table.