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A Revolutionary Game-Changing Innovation: The Heated Game Table!

At Genius Board Game Tables, we are always striving to elevate your gaming experience. Today, we’re taking a giant step into expanding our horizons by collaborating with We’ve blended our robust Swedish craftsmanship with cutting-edge infrared heating technology from Verwarminghandel to introduce a world-first: a heated game table.

No more chilly nights

Gone are the chilly game nights that freeze your fingers and make card shuffling feel arctic. With the inbuilt super-thin infrared foil in our new gaming tables, cold card hands are a thing of the past. Your hands stay warm, your moves stay swift, and your game night stays alive – even in the coldest seasons. And if that is not hot enough, we can add panels under the table to gently heat your legs. This. Is. The. Dream!

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But what elevates the gaming experience to a whole new level are the innovative isolated cup holders. Do you have a chilled whiskey in your lucky glass that you find getting colder with each round? Our new heat technology takes care of that too. Just put your lucky glass in one of our isolated cup holders and let the warmth revive its spirited flavour.

Customizable from start to finish

As always, our tables will have customizable features, right from the wood selection and finish, to the fabric and design of the legs. Moreover, we’ve ensured our lighting system in the arena of the table that gives every player their distinctive color! The integration of game-friendly heating marks another dynamic addition to our diverse range of tech in our tables.

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International Collab

We’ve smoothly combined the genius elements of Dutch design & Swedish craftsmanship with the exceptional heating expertise of our Dutch partners at Verwarminghandel. The outcome? Your gaming sessions are now embraced with warmth and comfort! We’re really excited about this partnership, and we can’t wait for you to enjoy the cozy changes it brings.

Keep your game up and your hands warm with Genius Board Game Tables & Verwarminghandel. Stay tuned for the launch of this innovative heated game table!

Heated surface

Experience an elevated play session with our subtly warmed game deck, integrated with top-tier infrared heating supplied by Verwarminghandel

Optional under-table-heating

Featuring state-of-the-art infrared heaters, specifically designed to keep your legs and feet cozy during gameplay, ensuring an enjoyable experience even in -10℉ temperatures. Take your gaming sessions outdoors with uncompromised comfort. 😉

Don't worry

Every heated game table comes standard with four insulating cup holders, specially designed to maintain your bevs at a refreshingly cool temperature.